ENSSLE & ENSSLE – Zahnärzte in den Sebalder Höfen


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Address (Map):
Laufertormauer 8
90403 Nürnberg
Phone contact:
Tel.: +49 911 5105678
Fax: +49 911 5105653

Center information

Open Hours

Monday to Friday 9AM to 6PM

Cards Accepted

MasterCard, Visa

Treatment & Services

Implantology (Implants)
Aesthetics & Function
Aesthetic Analysis (facial analysis)
Disease treatment
Periodontal Surgery (Periodontology)
Prophylaxis & Dental Hygiene
Filling therapy-plastic fillings
function Modern (orthodontic)
Endodontics (Root canal treatment)
Medical History and Diagnostics
Anxiety and Pain free

Presentation & Overview

Feel good. Trust. Perfection.
We want you to feel completely at ease. The focus is on your dental health. For us, this means comprehensive, personal service and top medicine. Not only do we understand concrete achievements-just as important to us is the atmosphere in which we welcome you. Convince yourself. We look forward to seeing you here.


Our mission statement:



Above-average requirements, long-term driving and continuous training ensure the high quality of the performance of the entire practice team.


We are not only here for you today – we are your long-term partner in all areas of dentistry. We are proud of that.


Conscientious and individual advice about your dental health is the basis for the trusting cooperation with you.


You should feel good in our practice all around. Friendliness, attention and an open ear for your concerns are a matter of our hearts.


We act daily for groundbreaking values that each individual passionately obliged. After all, give us your trust!


Your dental treatments should be successful in the long term. That’s why we take care of everything we do on every little detail.


For our qualified services we need appropriate fees, because they are the basis for a first-class work. This means that we are open and transparent.



In our practice “ENSSLE & ENSSLE-Dentists in the Sebalder farms” a friendly, motivated team awaits you.

Our physicians with your entire team have first-class know-how and offer you an outstanding all-round supply in the field of holistic dentistry. You can rely on safe treatment and optimal treatment success.


Dr. Med. Dent. Armin ENSSLE, M.SC., M.SC.


Master of Science in Oral Implantology, M.Sc. (DGI)
Master of Science Oral Implantology & Periodontology, M.Sc. (DGI)
Specialist in Implantology (FDFA)
Specialist for Aesthetic Dentistry (DGÄZ)
Specialist for reconstructive dentistry, aesthetics and function (FDFA)
Main areas of activity-dentist Dr. Armin ENSSLE, M.SC., M.SC.

Aesthetically-Reconstructive Dentistry, implantology, augmentative procedures of oral surgery and Parodontaltherpie, plastic surgery, plastic micro-surgery, microscopic endodontics, functional analysis and Therapy mandibulaerer dysfunctions/cmd, prosthetics.

National and international speakers activities and courses for dentists and dental technicians: sic implant, Nobel Biocare, Thommen, Astra Tech., Botiss Biomaterials, as well as within the framework of Qualitaetszirkeln such as SSC, Gak, Kemptener AK, congresses and courses of the quintessential Berlin.

Publications in the fields of prosthetics, implantology, aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry and functional therapy in journals of the Quintessence, teamwork media etc.

Memberships-Dentist Dr. Armin ENSSLE, M.SC., M.SC.
Member of the German Society for Implantology (DGI)/DGZMK, as well as the Bdiz
International active membership in the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP)
Active membership in the German Society for Periodontology e.v. (DGPARO)
Active membership in the German Society for Oral Implantology (DGOI), certified expert in Implantology in the Dgoi
Certified Member/Specialist of the DGÄZ (German Society for Aesthetic Dentistry) and the European Dental Association (FDFA)
Affiliate member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED)
2010-2015 Active Member Seattle Study club/J. Koi, SSC, Germany, Advisory board member, SSC
Member of the dental Working Group Kempten e.v. (ZAK)
Active membership in the EAO (European Association of Osseointegration)
1997-2016 membership in the Gnathologischen Working Group Stuttgart (Gak)
Member of the German Society for Functional Diagnostics and therapy (DGFDT)
Member of the German Society for Endodontics e.v. (DGEndo)


Anne ENSSLE, Dentist


Main areas of activity-dentist Anne Enssle
Function Modern
Children Dentistry
Aesthetics and function

Memberships-Dentist Anne Enssle

Member of the German Society for Orthodontics (DGKFO)
Member of the German Society for Children Dentistry (DGKIZ)
Member of the German Society for Aesthetic Dentistry (DGÄZ)
Member of the German Society for Endodontology (DGEndo)


Dr. Med. Dent. Christian Mihlan


Main areas of activity
Memberships-Dentist Dr. Christian Milhan
Member of the German Society for Endodontology (DGEndo)
As a dental practitioner, the first job after the university plays a key role in further development. My first boss was through and through Zahnerhalter. With him, I learned how to implement the previously theoretically acquired knowledge in practice. But he was above all important: time! To take some time is difficult enough in private. In all professional matters, time is usually what we least have. I do not appreciate the knowledge that he has learned because I have internalized it: fun at work coupled with high quality, requires patience and time.
Through this embossing, the way led me to tooth preservation. The root canal treatment (endodontics) is a discipline in dentistry, the success of which is based on patience and time. It is a great feeling to leave a tooth that has already been lost, with all the technical means and know-how, still successful in the mouth. Both for the patient and for the dentist. I received the necessary expertise in the curriculum for Endodontics of the German Society for Endodontology. In this multi-year course I learned all aspects of root canal treatment. After the successful completion of the final exam 2 years ago, the dental preservation is my constant goal.
After five years of working in a practice near Würzburg, I moved to Nuremberg for family reasons. Having arrived here, I have found a practice at Enssle & Enssle that provides excellent quality for both patients and practitioners.
Since May 2016 I have worked in practice “dentists in the Sebalder farms-Enssle & Enssle”. There I take the necessary treatment time for the individual patient and I practice in some tricky cases in patience. Using state-of-the-art technology, it is possible for me to live perfect dentistry. High demands on the results of my work bring me closer to this goal.
Every tooth has its place in the mouth. To maintain its full functionality is my aspiration and goal. I will gladly give you my most valuable asset: I take time for you. Through an individual consultation we find the best solution for your treatment.