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Address (Map):
Laufertormauer 8
90403 Nürnberg
Phone contact:
Tel.: +49 911 5105678

Center information

Logo Clinica5 Treatment rooms
1 Operating room
1 recovery room

Open Hours

Monday to Friday: 08.00 am – 08.00 pm
Weekend on request

Cards Accepted

MasterCard, Visa, EC

Treatment & Services


Restorative Dentistry
Facial Aesthetics
Intravenous sedation
Cosmetic Dentistry

Presentation & Overview

clinica1Healthy and beautiful teeth stand for quality of life, charisma and self-confidence. But, looking on the surface is not enough. Real beauty is found where appearance and function are equally important. This is true for good architecture, successful design, as well as dentistry, as Dr. Armin Enssle is convinced.

“Aesthetics means not only that a person likes the looks of his or her teeth,” the dentist explains, “but also that the teeth are part of a comprehensive health concept”.

Dr. Enssle is not a dentist filling cavities in large numbers. The certified implant dentist and specialist for reconstructive dentistry, aesthetics and function, aims higher: he works for the harmonious functioning of the dental system within the human body. Jaw and spine work closely together: grinding of the teeth frequently leads to spinal problems. An incorrect bite can be the cause of pain in the maxillary joint, tinnitus, neck tension or back pain.
clinica2We always aim at a comprehensive treatment. Besides examining teeth, gum and bite the dentist also pays close attention to facial expressions, body posture and the overall health of his patients. If needed specialized dental technicians, physiotherapists, osteopaths, orthodontists, orthopedists, and internists join the treatment.The practice: the elegant, modern building in the heart of Nuremberg houses many medical clinics and shops. Parking is easy accessible in the same building and the subway station is directly in front. The practice’s warm colors, elegant furniture, and subtle music playing in the background, welcomes each patient, offering a relaxed atmosphere. “We try to make something unpleasant as agreeable as possible. ”
Aesthetic reconstruction and implant dentistry are our main specialties. Sophisticated surgical procedures are routine. Latest technology plays a great part in assisting the team – from three-dimensional treatment plans to computer navigated positioning of fixed dental implants.
clinica3In the event that teeth need to be replaced, Dr. Enssle is fully equipped to insert a immediately functioning set of teeth (“same day placement of teeth over implants). The practice’s technical equipment meets the standards of a modern dental clinic. Every treatment room is equipped with microscope and digital x-ray. There is also a fully operational operation room, complete with recovery room. Once a week, a team of anesthesiologists is on site. Every-thing from local to general anesthesia is available to ensure a painless and anxiety free treatment. Dental hygienists guarantee maximum dental health by providing prophylactic treatment and professional tooth cleaning.



Dr. Med. Dent. Armin Enssle, M.SC., M.SC.


Dr. EnssleMaster of Science Oral Implantology & Periodontology, M.Sc. (DGI)
Master of Science in Oral Implantology, M.Sc. (DGI)
Specialist in Implantology (EDA)
Specialist in Aesthetic Dentistry (DGÄZ)
Specialist in Reconstructive Dentistry, Aesthetics and Function (EDA)


Master in ‚Soft tissue management around teeth and implants’, Prof.Dr.Zucchelli, university of Bologna, 2nd level postgraduate program
Master of Science in Oral Implantology and implant therapy (MSc ) / DGI
Postgraduate University Course Master of Science in Prosthetics, VieSID, Vienna, Prof. R.Slavizek / Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry
Appointment as Specialist in Implantology (European Dental Association)
Curriculum Gnathology and Occlusion, Prof Slavizek, VieSID, Vienna, Uni Wien
Master Class Course in Periodontology and Implant Therapy / Hürzeler/Zuhr / Munich Alumni member since 2016
Curriculum Function and Therapie – Prof.Slavizek, Prof. M. Greeven, VieSID Vienna
Curriculum “Plastic PERIO surgery / Prof. Dr.Giovanni Zucchelli, DGQZ
Plastic surgery in Periodontology / Prof. Dr.Giovanni Zucchelli – Bologna/It – theory and practice –
Examination and certification as Specialist in Aesthetic Dentistry (DGÄZ), Specialist in Reconstructive Dentistry, Aesthetic and Function (EDA)
Appointment as Master of Science in Oral Implantology, M.Sc. (DGI)
Advanced training and postgraduate study Master of Science in Oral Implantology (DGI / Steinbeiss Uni Berlin)
Seattle Study Club (SSC Tegernsee) Active Member – Advisory Board
Founder of practice “Zahngesundheit in den Sebalder Höfen”
Appointment as certified specialist in Reconstructive Dentistry (EDA), Recognition/Certification of Reconstructive Dentistry Aesthetic and Function (EDA / DGÄZ). Recognition of implantology as area of expertise (BDIZ / EDA)
Appointment as active member of German Society of Aesthetic Dentistry (DGÄZ)
Curriculum and examination – Recognition of implantology as area of expertise (DGI / BDIZ)
Foundation of group practice
Employed dentist at group practice Dres. Wollmarker
Promotion under Prof. Dr. A. Petschel FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
Scientific assistant and postgraduate at “Poliklinik für Zahnerhaltung und Parodontologie der FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg (Direktor: Prof. Dr. A. Petschel)”
State Examination, granting of license to practice dentistry
Study of dentistry at “FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg”
Study of human medicine at “FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg”
Stay abroad, diploma English (Berlitz School), diploma Italian (Scuola Dante
Aligueri, Florenz)
Apprenticeship dental technician
General qualification for university entrance, “Humanistisches Gymnasium Nuremberg”
Born as son of master dental technician Rudolf Enssle and Hertha Enssle in Nuremberg

Member of German Society of Implantology (DGI)” / DGZMK, and BDIZ
International Active Membership at the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP)
Active Membership at German Society of Periodontology (DGPARO)
Active Membership at German Society of Oral Implantology (DGOI), certified expert of implantology (DGOI)
Certified member / Specialist of German Society of Aesthetic Dentistry (DGÄZ) and European Dental Association (EDA)
Affiliate member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED)
2010-2015 Active member Seattle Study Club / J.Kois, SSC, Germany, Advisory Board Member, SSC
Member of “Zahnärztlicher Arbeitskreises Kempten e.V. (ZAK) “
Active Membership at EAO (European Association of Osseointegration)
1997-2016 Membership at “Gnathologischer Arbeitskreis Stuttgart (GAK)”
Member of “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Funktionsdiagnostik und -therapie (DGFDT)”
Member of German Society of Endodontics (DGEndo)



Aesthetic reconstructive dentistry, implantology, augmentation methods in oral surgery and periodontology, plastic surgery, plastic micro surgery, microscopical endodontics, function analysis and therapy of mandibular dysfunktionen / CMD, prosthodontics.
National and international activities as referent and course instructor for dentists and dental technicians: SIC implant, Thommen, ASTRA Tech., Botiss Biomaterials, and in the context of quality circles such as SSC, GAK, Kemptener AK, congresses and courses of “Quintessenz Berlin”.
Publications in the fields of prosthodontics, implantology, aesthetic reconstructive dentistry and functional therapy in journals of Quintessenz, Teamwork media etc.

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