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Address (Map):
Hammer Straße 217
59075 Hamm
Phone contact:
tel.: +49 2381 970 970
fax.: +49 2381 970 97 19

Center Information

5 treatment rooms including OP sedation/anesthesia, OP microscope, bacterial diagnoses, ISO 9001 certification, In-House Master dental laboratory

Open Hours

Weekdays: Monday to Friday – 8:00am to 8:00pm
Saturday – 9:00am to 3:00pm

Cards Accepted

MasterCard, Visa

Treatments & Services

Restorative Dentistry
TMJ Therapy Network
Lips & Smile Design
Facelift & Esthetic Surgery

Presentation & overview


Your health and well-being are close to our heart

We would like to offer you excellent treatment in a comfortable atmosphere. We have always used state-of-the-art technologies for diagnosis. Particularly mild methods such as digital x-ray and digital photography provide a combination of optimal medical care and comfort. In complex cases or in case of high risk patients, we collaborate with a network of experts in other specialisations to ensure the best possible medical care for our patients. We take much time for discussion and consultation. Because we wish for all aspects of your individual case to be comprehensively explained to you and for you to be fully involved in the treatment process from the start. All your questions will be answered conscientiously and comprehensively. We have many years of experience in modern dentistry and dental office management. Continuous extensive training ensures that we can always offer state-of-the-art medical therapies to our patients.

Last but not least, we also consider a stylish environment with much attention to detail important. At the end of the day, you should feel relaxed in our facilities and enjoy visiting us. With shapes, colours and light, we have created an atmosphere where you can relax and feel comfortable.


5 Reviews with comments

  • Cat Anderson
    Reviewed at 3 November, 2011 at 7:14 am

    Hello My name is Wendy Anderson. I have the need for a dentist that is very skilled and mechanically inclined. I have many problems due to being told full mouth reconstruction would fix my poor bite due to My right tall molars being flatten and causing a 5 millimeter gap on my right where I need this tallness to have bite stability. I was promised but since only an impression was taken with no measurements again and again my temporaries came back flat with very little occlusiona and the gap still there with no bite stability and my bite feeling much worse. Therefore unfortunately for me I never recieved crowns and my teeth were prepared twice with two crown lenthenings. I do feel like I am suffering alot my teeth hurt and are tiny stubs now, taking away my before beautiful looks from a beautiful smile I now where a old many times broken and repaired old temporary that is held together with super glue. In the USA they just don’t measure and don’t listen to me but rather tell me they can’t help me now since teeth preped small they don’t want to do core build ups for me and light crowns that won’t feel heavy., they simply won’t take a case with bite problem and I am determined that there has to be a caring highly skilled dentist that wants to make me attractive and comfortable again. I need an in house ceramist to measure and see the details because I have a tight fitting low angle frankfurt mandible plane bite and I have a canted maxilla which my tall crowns on the right made horizontal but now was drilled to a very steep upper arch cant and my right molars and pre molars do not touch but have a space of 5 millimeters. My left side crashes and gashes together so I need a very high right side core build up with width since I have this gap. I measure 75 millimeters long on my right jaw bone and 70 millimeters long on my left jaw bone., So you see structurally I have to have this very tall 5 mm plus build up in order to fit crowns on the left side. Also teeth were drilled flat so I need depth and anatomy in the teeth, someone using optimal occlusion dental crown forms whcih are compatable to myself. Therefore I need try-ins on my mouth more then once as much as needed until comfort and bite stability is achieved. Here is the USA they all skipped the step of having me wear a bite splint prior to make sure the bite was repaired prior to drilling or preparing all 28 teeth. So in order to put crowns on my short left side I need the right side to open up even more to aprox 7 mm in the rear and tappering down to the front craftfully, since the teeth in the front look like there is no tilt or cant. Sorry for the book but this is been so long for me. Six years wearing this plastic in my mouth and brushing with floride 5 times a day to save my sore stubs in the hopes that there is someone whom can rebuild a bite and listen to me since I have the directions on how to do this. I did add much acrylic to my bite so now I have no face pain and therefore cured my own TMJ which was caused by the extreme bite imbalances caused by many drillings since 1992. I was an honor student but dropped out of school years ago due to face pain people liked to call TMJ but was truly or more specifically an imbalanced masculatory system, and the facial muscles not being able to stretch. The pain was incredible. Putting my right rear molars tall again and wide with deep anatomy has cured this face pain and gave me bite stability. I don’t have the materials, to continue the glue and acrylic but I have exhausted my search and need help. If you wish to see my face look me up on facebook under Cat Anderson. I am smiling with my broken plastic temps. My face looks good again from the molar and premolar build up on my right I had to do myself, but I am only wearing acrylics. The preps were for Procera Zirconium Crowns and it hurts when I don’t were the acrylics. When I take off the acrylics only my left rear molars touch or I should say gash and the gap on the naturally tall 75 millimeter bone structure side is 7millimeters. Therefore needing the maxilla upper arch teeth to be no longer canted and built up again to its natural state. My temps can be a starting point. If you can do this great with the core build ups and with packing a cord, because I have already been crown lenthened twice and choose not to do that a third time even though they appear incredibly short this will hurt me and cause me root canals which I choose not to have. I prefer the core build up and procera zirconium crowns , a light weight ceramic that will last a life time or Lava zirconim, which is lighter and better for me. My bite is very complex it took me years to rebuild with what I am wearing. I need someone willing and wanting to reconstuct me and work with what is left with no more drilling, just bonding, rebuilding, and packing the cord since some gum tissue grew back. Again I was lazered and the lazer hit more teeth and I suffer every day so I will only be rebuilt now. I need an engineer type mechanically inclined, outside of the box highly skilled cosmetic dentist that will repect my decisions to not be drilled a third time. I need help so I decided to lay it all out there. Germany can you help me??? My friend Mr. Scott Smillie’s dad was living in Germany when his mother Betty was pregnet with Mr. Smillie and so he was almost a German citizen. Mr. Smillie’s son is a gifted scientist and he is the one that discovered my canted maxilla and took me to an oral surgeon and the oral surgeon here said she is not longer on one side I can tell. Mr. Smillie said could you measure to make sure. He did and to his surprise I am 5 millimeters longer on my right. Since in 1992 this was flattened out by a dentist that had his assistant do my fillings which where not arched down to my occlusion so he said he didn’t do that and he put the American ink paper in and said tap tap tap, I though he was going to ajust filling, he drilled where all the blue markes were and drilled away natures splint in my mouth and completely flated away all the anatomy on those four most important right rear molars and then my bite colasped. Years later after 20 dentists here said I need full mouth reconstruction to repair the bite, this never worked they simply impressed and sent it out and never built it back so it was an exaggerated version of everything wrong. Sorry another book. this is it all in a huge nut shell, lol. Look at my photo on facebook, under Cat Anderson Peoria, AZ usa and or send me an email at with all of German’s best Dentists or yourself. I am not rich but have Mr. Smillie to help to pay the high price of crowns and I did alot of the bite work. Here in the USA they don’t teach the students how to fix a bite and the standard face bow doesn’t work when the 5mm high difference on right and left side is not added in. I know if I could figure all this out and Airplanes can be built that this problem can be fixed. I need an artist, engineer in my mouth with try-ins before I pay for the car. Please help me if you can I am friendly, personable, and I now have a deep love of dentistry because I have learned so much, thinking of going to dental school, or at least writting a book or two. Thank you Cat Anderson

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  • Cat Anderson
    Reviewed at 3 November, 2011 at 7:15 am

    facebook Cat Anderson Need an amazing dentist to make me beautiful, healthy, and with a stable comfortable bite. Thank you so much for reading this.

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  • Cat Anderson
    Reviewed at 3 November, 2011 at 7:29 am

    PS I don’t speak German, but my dear friend Mr. Smillie said that you speak English. I have an interest in the German language I spent time in Switzerland and love German, I am sorry I can’t speak German with you. If we are a match of Patient & Doctor, I will do my best to learn your beautiful language. Thank you again!

    Cat Anderson

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  • Hasan ALwahab
    Reviewed at 26 November, 2011 at 9:10 pm

    Dear sir,I am an Iraqi dentist .I would like to offer my 37 years of professional experience to whatever dental center in Germany.can you help me about how to get in touch with them.regards.

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  • Gregory Smith
    Reviewed at 29 January, 2012 at 2:59 am

    Hello Andreas, Gregory here from San Fran; Monique’s cousin. I just got your info from monique. I would like to talk to you. Please send me an e and the best time to call and where (home or office)?

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