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Address (Map):
23-1 Shabolovka st
Moscow 119049
Phone contact:
+ 7 ( 495 ) 970-1815
+ 7 ( 495 ) 988-8335

Center Information

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7 operatory & surgery rooms with microscope, CBCT Scanner, dental laboratory, education center, summer terrace

Open hours

Monday to Saturday – 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
Sunday – available for emergency

Cards Accepted

MasterCard, Visa

Treatments & Services

Cosmetic Dentistry
Microscopic endodontics
Restorative Dentistry
Pediatric Dentistry
Dental trauma
Facial AestheticsSin título2 Intravenous sedation
Multi-disciplinary dentistry

Presentation & overview

Welcome to Avroraclinic.

We created Avroraclinic for special patients. For people who be able to appreciate and take care of their beauty, personality and health. Who ready to trust the professionals and be involved in to conversation.

In order to provide our patients the best treatment and service we thought over every detail. Dental offices are equipped with the most modern equipment, the latest diagnostic instruments, treatment carried out under a microscope.

Not only result is important- that is our clinical philosophy. It certainly should be the best and serve without restrictions. But apart from result of the treatment the process is important also. It should be as comfortable as possible. Treatment shouldn’t violate the social activity, not to cause discomfort and should bring positive emotions and satisfaction.

Our team of professionals works together for over ten years. We gathered the best experts in their line and thanks to it our abilities skyrocketed. We received many awards over the years. But the most valuable for us is loyalty of patients most of them became friends.

We openly keep sharing with colleagues the experience of how we treat our patients at numerous symposia and conferences where we can proudly show every our case. They are all unique and every time we develop a special plan of diagnosis and treatment. Because that’s the only way we can achieve the desired result – dental health and attractive smile.





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Chief doctor «AVRORACLINIC»

unmatched and unrepeatable surgery and implantology

He graduated from the dentistry faculty of the Erevan State Medical University in 1992. In 1997 he successfully completed studies in the clinical residency in the professorate of orthodontics and children’s prosthodontics of the Moscow State Medical Dental University. From 2001 to 2003 he was the chief doctor of the Chicago Center of Advanced Dentistry. In 2003 he established and took charge of the Clinical Training-and-Development Center “AVRORACLINIC” (Moscow).

He actively reports and gives clinical presentations at Russian and International scientific forums: Summit of orthodontists of Russia (2004), International Congress “Osteology” (2005), Moscow Congress of Implantology (2007), World Tour “Nobel Biocare” (2008), Eastern European Conference of Implantology (Lviv, 2009). He was the winner of the scientific reports competition at the anniversary conference “Nobel Biocare” in Las Vegas, USA (2005), an international expert of Nobel Biocare and Gaistlich Biomaterials, in 2004-2008 he was a science editor of “Quintessence” publishers (Quintessence Moscow Publishing House).
He conducts continuing education courses at his private clinic and has lectured extensively at major scientific conferences around the world.
He is an author of several micro-surgery methodologies, over 60 articles and 3 books: “Elimination of gingival recession” (Poly Media Press, 2007), “Atlas of plastic surgery of implants soft tissue” (Poly Media Press, 2008), and “Micro-gingival surgery. Problems and solutions” (Poly Media Press, 2010)


gifted and unique orthodontist

Private Practice «AVRORACLINIC» since 2

He graduated from the Volgograd State Medical University in 2003. Upon internship, he completed the clinical residency and then the postgraduate education in the professorate of orthodontology and children’s prosthetics of the Moscow State Medical Dental University, where he defended his dissertation under the guidance of the associate of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, professor Persin L.S.. He is currently working at the Clinical Training-and-Development Center “AVRORACLINIC” in Moscow, where he curates the protocol of interdisciplinary interactions and gives orthodontic treatment to children and adults.
He made reports at the 8th Annual Scientific Forum “Dentistry 2006”, 5th All-Russian Congress on Prosthetic Dentistry (Samara, 2006), International Scientific-and-Practical Conference “Orthodontology – prospects of dentistry” (Poltava, 2007), 6th and 8th International Conferences of Orthodontology “Modern Technologies in Diagnostics and Treatment of Dentition-Facial Anomalies” (Minsk, 2006 and 2008), 84th European Orthodontic Congress in Lisbon, Portugal (2007), 1st Arab Congress of Orthodontists in Damascus, Syria (2008), and other Russian and International scientific forums. He has over 10 scientific publications.


Dr. Solomonov Michael DMD, Board certified Endodontist (Israel).
outstanding and ingenious endodontist

Private Practice «AVRORACLINIC»

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1999-2002: Post-graduate program in Endodontics- Department of Endodontics, Faculty of Dental Medicine Hebrew University Hadassa, Jerusalem, Israel.2003-2009 Associated professor: Department of Endodontics, Hebrew university – Hadassah School of Dental Medicine, Jerusalem, Israel.From 09.2011 Director of postgraduate endodontic programe, Endodontic department Sheba hospital,Tel-Hashomer,Israel
Member of The Israel Endodontic Society, The European Society of Endodontology (ESE), American Association of Endodontics(AAE).
2007 – present. International editor of Practical_scientific Journal Clinisheskaya Endodotiya (Clinical Endodontics ) (Russia)
2008 – present .Examiner at Israel Board of Endodontics of the Scientific Council of the Israel Dental Association
M. Solomonov, DMD,Eight Months of Clinical Experience with the Self-Adjusting File System J Endod 2011;37:881–887.
M.Solomonov.Iodoform in endodontics. Myths and reality.Endodontia 3-4,2010.
Solomonov M. Breakthrough in instrumentation of Root Canal Endodontia(Russia) 1-2,2010; IV: 19-22.
Solomonov M. Smear Layer story: to be or not to be. Practical_scientific journal Clinisheskaya Endodotiya (Clinical Endodontics ) (Russia) № 1-2 2009.60-61.
Moshonov J.,Solomonov M. Electronic Apex Locator integrated with bluetoooth wireless technology.Ildentista Moderna(DM) 2008 Sep;9;102-103(Italia).
Slutzky-Goldberg I, Slutzky H, Solomonov M, Moshonov J, Weiss EI, Matalon S. Antibacterial properties of four endodontic sealers. J Endod. 2008 Jun;34(6):735-8.
Solomonov M. Biofilm as Endodontic Infection. Practical_scientific journal Clinisheskaya Endodotiya (Clinical Endodontics ) (Russia) № 3-4 2008.31-34.
Solomonov M. Broken instrument. Clinical decision and techniques of removal Practical_scientific journal Clinisheskaya Endodotiya (Clinical Endodontics ) (Russia) № 1.2007.
Metzger Z, Solomonov M, Mass E . Calcium hydroxide retention in wide root canals with flaring apices Dent Traumatol. 2001 Apr;17(2):86-92.
Oral presentations: 2011 15 Biennial congress of the European society of Endodontology. C-shaped canals. An old problem with an innovative solution.2011 VI Quintessence International Symposium in Moscow.Adhesion to root canal dentin: Reality or illusion.2011 The 5th Congress of Polish Endodontic Society.Breakthrough in instrumentation of Root Canal. 2010 IFEA Athens . SAF-Respecting of root canal outline 2010 Congress of Israel Endodontic society. Influence of Shaping and Cleaning on biomechanical properties of Tooth.2010 5 Quintessence International Congress.Multidisciplinary approach to treatment of posttraumatic replacement resorption.


Pr Bernard TOUATI (FRANCE)Sin título6
authoritative and famous dentist


Doctor in Dental Surgery, Doctor in Dental Sciences (DDS-MS). Visiting professor, Hadassah Faculty of Dental Medicine, Jerusalem; Former Visiting professor, Rio de Janeiro State University (Brazil); Former assistant-professor in Prosthodontics (Paris 5 University); Past-president of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry; Founder-Honorary president of the French Society of Esthetic Dentistry; Member of the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry, and the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry; Editor-in-chief of “Practical Procedures and Aesthetic Dentistry” (NJ, USA); International lecturer, author of numerous publications all over the world, including the best seller text book “Esthetic Dentistry and Ceramic Restorations” (Martin Dunitz publishing); Co-author of the books “The Art of Smile” and “The Art of Treatment Planning”(Quintessence Publishing). Main author of the book “Integration of Digital Ceramic Restorations” (Montage Media Publishing USA) and Co-Academic Director, Global Institute for Dental Education (Los Angeles, USA)


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young and talented therapist

Private Practice «AVRORACLINIC» since 2009

She graduated from the Moscow Medical Academy in 2007 (The First Moscow State University) with honors, received internship at the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, post-graduate education in preventive dentistry. While studying at the University worked as an assistant dentist. She has been working as a dentist since 2009 in Avroraclinic (therapeutic dentistry, prophylaxis, pediatric dentistry, teeth whitening). She regularly goes through training; attends seminars and workshops in dentistry.


experienced and successful periodontist

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Private Practice «AVRORACLINIC» since 2004

She graduated Moscow Medical-Dental Institute, Magna cum laude in 1990 and continued as
Residency at the department of conservative dentistry Moscow Medical-Dental Institute
From 1997 till 1999 take a part of Ph.D. program at the department of periodontology in Moscow Medical-Dental Institute.
1995 – course on esthetic dentistry in Zurich (Switzerland)
1997 – course on esthetic dentistry in Los Angeles (USA)
1997–2007 post-graduate education courses in periodontology, oral surgery, esthetic dentistry and endodontics at the Chicago Center for Advanced Dentistry
Participated in numerous international hands-on courses and congresses on periodontology, oral surgery and esthetic dentistry (Paris, Madrid, Istanbul, Barcelona, New York, Moscow)
Since the beginning of her practice Dr. Novak works according to highest international standards of periodontal treatment that help to achieve best possible results and to avoid surgery.


charismatic and masterful prosthodontist

Private Practice «AVRORACLINIC» since 2008

He graduated from Moscow Medical Dental Institute in 1994. During his studies, he had several internships in dental clinics and labs in England. Then he completed a 2-year post-graduate program in Central Scientific Institute of Dentistry in Moscow and obtained his diploma in Prosthodontics. Dr. Soloviev has almost 20 years of extensive dental practice. He has been working as a general practitioner in the private clinic before joining the Center of Aesthetic Dentistry, Moscow. 2 years later he became a head of start-up project as a chief physician and the head of the new clinic. After 10 years of successful management and dental practice he has been invited to Avrora Clinic to focus on innovative technologies in comprehensive prosthetic dental treatment. Dr. Soloviev has wide experience and proven track record in esthetic dentistry, Cad/Cam, smile design, fixed restorations and oral rehabilitation.


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  • Artur - Barcelona, Spain
    Reviewed at 30 January, 2016 at 8:46 pm

    No suelo dejar opiniones, pero AvroraClinic lo merece . Habia oido de ellos de un amigo que estaba muy contento y me aconsejo … Sin pensar dos veces compre los billetes y me fui a Moscu . Al entrara de la puerta de la clínica , que hay que decir no la parece por su diseño sino mas a un hotel de 5 estrellas , pensé que me he equivocado de dirección . A mi gran sorpresa por 4 implantes que me pusieron solo tuve que asistir dos veces . Ninguna dolor , ninguna incomodidad. Parece fantástico y lo es. Doctor Aram Davidyan lo imposible hace posible. Han pasado 4 años y con toda la seguridad puedo decir que son los mejores .
    Muchas gracias AvroraClinic.

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