Our warmest welcome to Dr. Mangani (Rome, ITALY)

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Presentation & overview


Dr. Francesco Mangani

Welcome to our office located in the elegant Parioli neighborhood in front of the “ Parco della Musica” Auditorium designed by Renzo Piano and the magnificent Villa Glori Gardens.Our therapeutical philosophy has always been concentrated on minimally invasive treatments and the ability to conserve to the most the natural tooth tissues.

However, when this seems to be impossible,due to the extended presence of existing pathologies causing the compromise of various elements, the approach is always aimed at the reestablishment of both the function as well as the “beauty” aspect through the use of techniques and materials supported by proven scientific and clinical evidence.Each and every treatment is undergone multi disciplinarily, demanding from the individual specialists of the staff the management of the initial therapeutical steps.

Visit his site here


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Category LDCW news

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